My name is Jon Levine. I am a full time successful trader.I've been trading for 15 years. I want to thank you for taking the time to read about my unique, successful trading program.
First of all I want to assure that I am not one of those internet marketers. I am a real Forex trader who trades daily and who mentors other Forex students daily. There are tons of ebooks and charts and strategies that are sent out by internet marketing groups that do not produce any result at all. Most of those books are just glossaries of terms and concepts, but no actual step by step directions. 

 I remember the frustrations that I had while learning to trade. I couldn't get direct or honest answers. I was ripped off many times. I vowed that I would never do this. I won't do that to you either. I will always make myself available to anyone who buys my courses. I will give you better service than the others that sell their systems for thousands of dollars.

 After selling my trading systems and mentoring to hundreds of traders I am still trying to convince prospective buyers that my trading systems are the real deal. They have been profitable through all market conditions and my extensive list of testimonials back it up. They are better than all other trading systems in the market that sell for hundreds more. Give my programs a chance. You won't be disappointed.